Live a Healthy Life. Watch Your Food Intake.

Live a healthy life. Watch your food intake. These are just two of the lessons I’ve learned today after reading  the tragedy of a former bodybuilder,  Dean Wharmby, 39, who loses  his battle with liver cancer which he blamed on 10,000 calorie per day pizza and energy drink diet.


Dean Wharmby, an ex-personal trainer,  father-of-one, was told he had just weeks to live in November 2014 after a large tumour was found on his liver.

At the start of his career, Dean admits to taking steroids for about a year to help create his physique because ‘everybody did it’.


His cancer was first diagnosed in 2010, and as he battled the disease, he admitted the high-protein, fatty diet he lived on for four to five years may have led to his illness. His chose natural remedies to fight his cancers which successfully works for a year.


The tumour disappeared.

However, he got complacent.  His old unhealthy lifestyle crept in again. His diet took a turn for the worse. The tumour had got too big and  too advance stage already and there was little the doctors felt they could do.

dean_wharmby_bodybuilder_with_his_partner_Charlotte Rigby

He passed away on Sunday.

Writing on the Facebook page, Ms Rigby said: ‘On Saturday I could see he needed a rest and I told him to go with the angels now and live free of the pain.

‘He agreed. And on Sunday morning he took his last breaths with me on his bed with him.

charlotte_rigby_message_for dean


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