Aggy Smith Sabanal – The Only Female Finisher of Mt. Apo 100KM Sky and Vertical Race 2018

aggy smith

Aggy Smith Sabanal is the only female finisher of Mt. Apo 100 Sky and Vertical Race which took place on April 21-22, 2018 in Sta. Cruz,  Davao Del Sur, Philippines.  Mt. APO is the highest mountain in the Philippines with almost 3,000 MASL high.

Among the 94 starters on 100Km category, only 20  finished the rough race. All the others  were cut off at km 43 earlier on the day. The 100k has 7600hm, making it a very tough race indeed.  According to some participants, the first 25KM is literally a mountain climbing event.

Winning the Mt. Apo 100KM also paved the way for Aggy Smith Sabanal to be the current female leader in the 2018 Asia Trail Master Championship.

How did Aggy made it to the top? Find the answers below when Active Pinas interviewed Aggy right after winning the race.

1. Why Mt. Apo Race?
-As a hiker, I’ts a dream for me to explore the highest mountain here in the Philippines, last year I was choosing between Vertical2sky Apo100 and Altra100 yet I’ve chosen Altra100 plus I was aiming for Asia trail Master points, that made my mind to join the Mt. Apo race.

2. Inspirations for the Race
My inspirations for the race are my friends who keep motivating me , helping with my trainings, giving moral support, and my family though they don’t have any idea what I am doing that I am running long distances- they support me all the way.And above all, I am doing this for myself to prove what I am capable of and measure how far I can go in this running career. With this I can say that I am still exploring my own self.

3. Preparation/training
My preparation was my light gym work out and the small loop in Wawa Rizal that’s roughly 17km atleast once a week. I often do it alone because I wanted to follow my own pace which is mostly walking.

4. Pre-race preparation
Light gym work out and eating healthy foods like Beets, Avocado, banana, oranges, fruits and vegetables that are very essential to our body. I seldom eat processed food.

5. Goal
My goal is to finish the upcoming hardcore hundred miles and be part of the first K400 warrior and be in the top 5 lists of the Asia Trail Master championship 2018.

6. Struggles/challenges
Challenges that I have was when I had my first day of my monthly period during the race and I can feel that my body was so weak. that day I was feeling dehydrated due to the loss of fluid. Normally women lost their appetite especially during monthly period. Moreover, it was such a struggle for me especially when my opened wound near the shin was swelling and its redness was diffused over its area. The hot weather made it more painful and and I had difficulty maintaining my stride.
(Editor’s Note: Aggy had a minor  accident while about to ride an MRT just 3 days prior to Mt. Apo race. The accident left an open wound on her leg).

7. Post race thoughts
With what I have experienced so far, I think  i’ts the hardest race I’ve joined, the first 3 peaks weren’t friendly to us. They were definitely a monster shall I say. The technicality of the terrain was extreme and unimaginable. The ascends felt like forever. But still I thought of running Mt. Apo again next year. And by that time I will be mentally ready and already knew what to expect with the race. Hoping that my monthly visitor wouldn’t intervene then… Lol

8. Plans for the future
My plans for the future is to venture and race abroad, I already have list of events that I am eyeing and considering at this time. Of course the most important is to continue my studies so everything will be of balance. Living a life with contentment and gratitude.

We can’t agree more on your last statement Aggy that is,

“Living a life with contentment and gratitude.”

Still considered very young for an ultra train runner, let’s all pray for her success.

And from your Active Pinas family, congratulations again, Aggy!

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