Pocari Sweat Colors and Bubbles Fun Run Registration Is Closed


Registration for Pocari Sweat Colors and Bubbles Fun Run is  officially closed. As of  August 19,2018  all 1,300 slots have been sold out. Our original target was 1,000 participants only and closing date was August 15. However, due to overwhelming response, the organizer decided to add another 300 slots. Still this was not enough, because after August 19, there was a clamor to add more slots. Unfortunately, the registration cannot be extended anymore because of some factors beyond the control of the organizers such as the production of Singlets and Finishers, medals and other suppliers.

pocari sweat colors and bubbles fun run registration closed

Both online registration  and onsite registrations are already closed. Bank deposits  for online registrations will no longer be accepted. Any payments via bank deposit will be refunded in full.

Thank you for all those interested in participating! Who knows, we might have another colors and bubbles fun run soon.

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