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Peak Form is a facility that aims to develop athletes through modern physical therapy mixed with the concepts of sports science. I first heard about Peak Form three months ago from one of my team mates, who recommended it for my knee injury, but it was only recently that I got to try it. It was all thanks to the gift certificates that I got from doing the Nike Unlimited challenges. I visited Peak Form earlier last week with one of my team mates from Active Pinas.

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Before undergoing any treatment, we inquired about the services being offered and what procedures these services entail. We asked about the pros and cons before deciding what to try. A few minutes of discussion and several questions later, we finally decided on trying the ultrasound stimulation followed by the shockwave treatment for our exhausted runner legs.

The ultrasound stimulation is a quick procedure that relaxes the muscles. It basically uses sound waves, which are above the range of human hearing, to treat tired and strained muscles.

The shockwave treatment is a modern treatment used in orthopedic medicine for faster recovery and rehabilitation. Through mechanical pressure pulses, acoustic waves carry energy to the muscles and tissues. The shockwave treatment has different levels of intensity. One gets to choose the level based on their pain tolerance. Because this procedure is non-surgical and non-invasive, it is highly effective to speed up the cure of any indications that cause acute or chronic pain on the focus area of the body.


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To be honest, I was anxious to try the shockwave therapy at first because of my very low tolerance to pain. As suggested by my physical therapist, Reg, I tried the lowest intensity level on my calf muscles and thigh muscles. I must admit that there was some discomfort at the beginning, but it was something that I had eventually gotten used to during the treatment. Less than halfway into it, I managed to relax and I realized that it was really not that painful.
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After the treatment, Reg led me into some stretching. She told me that I might feel sore for one to two days after undergoing the shockwave therapy, but she assured me that it is normal and that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

True enough, I did feel sore a couple of days after, but the treatment helped. After a week of strenuous activity, I felt that my legs have fully recovered and that they are ready to take on my next running event which is set to happen this coming weekend.

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Other than ultrasound stimulation and shockwave therapy, Peak Form also offers an array of services such as laser therapy, kinesiotaping, sports massage, and acupuncture. Peak Form is located at Unit 807 of the Infinity Building on 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For more information and for scheduling of consultation and treatments, simply call 02-478-9408.

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