Huawei Band 4: A Practical Review Part 1. Outdoor Walking Mode


Newbie runner. 50 years old. 8 months into running.

At 3 months, I felt the need for a GPS Smart watch (I really have to monitor my bpm or beats per minute to prevent heart related issues, and I need to monitor my mileage) but didn’t have the budget for a Garmin watch.

I opted for Xiaomi Amazfit Bip. However, it’s been having issues recently, especially in detecting GPS. It takes about 5 minutes in an open area. And during my first 42K run, at Clark City Marathon last November 10th, it stopped at 25.81 kilometer distance, though the time and other parameters were running. Thus, a more reliable GPS smart watch is needed.

Fortunately, Huawei recently launched last October its new line of Wearables/GPS smart watches – GT2, Band 4, and Band 4e.  Huawei Band 4 seems to fit my budget and preferences/requirements.

First Impression

Huawei Band 4 is very sleek looking, so light on the wrist (fits all wrist sizes), biggest screen among the smart bands in the market, and comes in 3 colors. Plus it is so easy on the budget.

Easy Charging

Forward to unboxing, not going into each technical detail, just the important stuff. No separate charging port, which is great! Just detach the band, and plug into a USB charger. The watch still had 82% battery. I connected it to my Huawei P20 Pro charger, and it was fully charged after about 15 minutes.

Pairing with Huawei Health App

It only takes a few seconds to pair Huawei Band 4 with Huawei Health app (available in most Android phones via Google Play).  Some watch settings need to be changed via Huawei Health.

GPS Detection/Synchronization

Very fast GPS detection/synchronization with the paired phone! Just a second or two. Even inside my bedroom, it detected GPS easily. Amazing!

Easier Handsfree Use

For a more handsfree use, I opted for “Rotate to switch screen” aside from the default enabled “Raise wrist to wake screen” via Huawei Health. 

Outdoor Walking

After charging, I decided to test one of the 9 workout features – Outdoor Walking.

(I also activated the Strava on my phone for comparison later).

Due to screen size limitations, the 6 parameters being measured are divided into 3 screens with GPS and Clock as constants on the 3 screens: (1) Beats Per Minute, Distance Traveled in kilometer, (2) Time Elapsed in hh:mm:ss, Number of Steps, (3) Pace in minutes/kilometer, Calories Burned in kcal.

2 parameters on a screen actually made them easily visible and readable even if the person is on the move. The default brightness settings (that can be adjusted) is just about right for me.

The best features here are the “Rotate to switch screen” and “Raise wrist to wake screen”. I just shake my left wrist to wake it up and to switch screens. This means my right hand is free to hold a hydration bottle or a phone.

I constantly monitored the watch, shaking my hand numerous times. And it was giving accurate information. I think, even better than Strava.

I ended my session after about 10 kilometers of power walking. The information was instantaneously synchronized at Huawei Health. Map of the distance traveled that is not displayed on Huawei Band 4 can be seen via Huawei Health with the workout details and summary, and a marker is placed on each kilometer covered. Nice! Sharing the complete Workout details from Huawei Health via different Instant Messaging apps is also quite easy.

My Outdoor Walk session showing heart rate, cadence, pace, and other details

I am very very satisfied with the results of my first test of Huawei Band 4. Will definitely check the other Workout Modes and other features as well. Priced at Php1,890, Huawei Band 4 is so affordable and worth every peso. Definitely a great buy.

(On a separate Outdoor Walk session, I rode a tricycle after a few hundred meters, and it detected that I was going to fast for the Workout Mode I selected. It stopped. It resumed recording when I got off the tricycle and started walking again. Ninjas and Race cheaters, beware. Hehe.)

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